Sundays 9:00 AM & 10:30 AM
8/4  Carey Serrano
8/6  Bill Flora
8/7  Vicky Johnson
Birthday & Anniversary Celebration
Sunday; August 18

Join the fun!!!
It's a great way to end the summer and kick off the fall!
It's time to start collecting items to make care packages for our college kids.  Bring goodies each Sunday!  Suggestions include: candy bars, snacks, hygiene items, toothpaste, tissues, etc.
We'll pack and ship the boxes in September.
Looks like you all decided it was too hot to get married in August!
8/4  Uganda Team Sharing
8/25  NEW Study - "On Location"
DVD series by Andy Stanley looking at what it means to be salt and light where we live, work and play.
9/8  Grandparents Day Celebration
Send up to three photos (by email to [email protected]) of you with your grandkids or grandparents, or both.